Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Puker Express Out Of Polynesia

We started out from the Gambier sailing at thirty degrees west of south - that is, away from our destination of Chile.

That's what I love about sailing. It's so damn logical.

But, it was time to go if we were going to get our chance to dash across the temporarily not-windless horse latitudes. Even if going just then meant setting out in strong winds from the east-southeast - i.e., from the direction we would have been heading to, in a more user-friendly transport setting.

It was practically a rally start - another boat, the Kiwi-flagged Windora, was setting out bound for the same destination on the same day as us.

I had explained to Phil on Windora that we tried not to sail with the wind before the beam - that is, at all on our nose - as it tends to make Eric puke.

Well, Eric just fell asleep for the first couple days. It was me who was doing the puking.

Then, when I had nearly finished being seasick - two long bouncy days during which Alisa was doing ALL the childcare - Elias got his brother overexcited, and Eric puked as result. Down below. In the saloon. While he was sitting on the bunk that he and Alisa have been sharing.

Alisa, her instincts unblunted by our three weeks of idyll in the Gambier, caught the puke in a mixing bowl.

(Every gal in the world whose husband is trying to dazzle her into giving up a perfectly comfortable life in a perfectly fine house to take the family out sailing the world - here is your ammunition. Use it as you will.)

(I know that's a stereotype about who's likely to be trying to dazzle whom. But there it is.)

Anyway, we're all over the puking, at least until the weather gets poor (touch wood) or until someone gets us overexcited.

Alisa and I can't quite believe that we're actually sailing to Patagonia.

We're away.

And we're being evasive with the boys about exactly how long we expect this to take.


And I think the Pacific Seafarers' Net will be posting our position on Yotreps for the duration. The SPOT tracker turned out to be useless in the South Pacific or a Ponzi scheme, I can't tell which. If you're motivated, find Yotreps on the web and look for Galactic or our call sign, KL2DM.

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