Thursday, April 30, 2015


Alisa recognized it as a teachable moment.

"We saw the worst of people," she explained to the boys, "when someone stole the Little Dipper. And then we saw the best of people when Fernando gave us his dinghy. He didn't want to sell it, those other people asked him just before we arrived and he said 'no'. He told us that he just wanted to help us out, he wanted us to have a hard dinghy for you boys to row."

We always name our dinghies, though we tend to be very casual about doing so. No champagne, no christening or ceremony for something as humble as a dinghy. We just come to a consensus on what the cantankerous thing will be named.

Alisa's suggestion stuck in this instance - we're calling the new-to-us dinghy Fernando.

(As an aside, old Patagonia hands may recognize the provenance of the newest member of the Galactic fleet. She comes from Pelagic - not our deal old Pelagic on which we set forth from Kodiak, but a motor yacht that was campaigned extensively in Patagonia in years gone by. I don't have her information handy, but I seem to remember that this other Pelagic was from Oregon and was crewed by a husband-and-wife team. Fernando [our benefactor and not the dinghy named for him] now owns her and keeps her in Puerto Montt.)

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