Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alisa Wants To Know

Alisa wants to know:

Did we pass all the hot springs?
No. No way.
Did we?
We did, didn't we?
Um. No.
We did! All the hot springs are north of us! I knew it!


So Alisa wants a hot spring.

I don't know why, since she spends most of the day downstairs where it's warm, with the boys.

Oh. That's why.

The boys need to get off the boat. They could really, really use a day off the boat.

That's not happening any time soon.

Today we tried to see a glacier. Earlier in the trip, we had just sailed past our first two chances. Whatever! we said. Ice floating in water, who hasn't seen that? But today we gave into the spirit of the thing. The Ventisquero Pío XI was right around the corner! It has a face three and a half kilometers wide!

Kids, we announced when they woke this morning, we're going. Elias, the theme for school today is "Glaciers".

We didn't make it.

The wind was in the north, and the glacier was in the north. Too.

Look, everyone! I said. Look at that waterfall way up the mountainside. It's blowing straight uphill. See it? It's blowing uphill, but it's so calm down here.

That didn't last.

I should add that I am having so much fun. Alisa is dreaming of hot springs and the boys really need to get off the boat, but I am just having the time of my life.

Even if I am completely knackered at the end of each day.

Estero Peel and the area explored by Bill Tilman in 1956 are just down the track.

We'll get another chance to see ice floating in water.

We got no internet, no no.
We're as out of touch as we can be,
Yes, yes.

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