Saturday, October 3, 2015

East Wind Blows

East wind blows.  The weather is so good.  The sun shines and Elias says there's not a cloud in the sky and I say you're right.  Not a single one.  When people normally say that there's at least a few somewhere down around the horizon.  But not today.

Not a single one.  Beagle Channel
Or the day after.

We have considerations.  Who doesn't I suppose.

Our considerations are number one above everything else especially in the can you believe it Beagle Channel: wind.

East winds blow.

What you hear about the place is west.  West wind.  With modifiers.  Like howling.  And remorseless.  The Beagle Channel is scene to a certain amount of bragadoccio from afar.  People write between the lines of their posts.  I am an expert sailor.  And these are demanding conditions.

All that fades when you're actually here.  The winter-over crowd is very low key.  Maybe bragadoccio comes with the summer.

But still September has a reputation.  Remorseless.  Howling.  West.

We are going west.  As soon as I get my work done I tell the unassuming people every time they ask. Just as soon.  The magic day gets pushed back.  As we knew it would be and we're not fussed.  We have some time.

As soon as I get my work done
Meanwhile September is magic.  East winds blow.  No winds blow.  Snowy days still starry nights.  We could have left a dozen times I tell the particularly unassuming chap next to us.

Considerations.  What if.  What if we sailed to Namibia? What if we chartered in Alaska?  What if the research funding comes through?  What if we keep going?

East winds blow.

Meanwhile: plot twist

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