Friday, August 19, 2016

Butchering Helena

That title comes from our friend Leiv, who was referring to his record-fast sail from the Falklands to the Aleutians this year. He plowed through the canales of Chile so quickly that he told us he had utterly "butchered" the experience and would have to return again some day.

So it has been with us and St. Helena, this completely delightful bit of volcanic-English rock in the middle of the South Atlantic.

We could easily have spent three weeks here, but only spent three days. Nine years into our sailing lives, we on Galactic have fallen into that beginner's fault of being on a schedule.

But! We will thrive on that energy of being at sea, and when we set sail for Ascension today, I trust it will be without regret, and with delight at the traveling microcosm that Galactic is for the family. Wherever that boat goes, we are at home!

Below: Elias' 10th birthday Sea Shepherd cake, his first-ever mahi mahi, landfall at St. Helena, a celebratory pie on the high street, and Jamestown from above.

Viva! Onwards!


  1. hi wonderful people,
    take your time,
    love, heather

  2. Did you hear about the airport when you were there? $250M spent and it may never open due to issues of wind shear. Seems like an obvious concern at a glance, surprised it's a surprise. Safe passage.