Sunday, August 5, 2018

Eternal Alaska

Eternal Alaska
There's a lot that's crazy about this undertaking of doing research from our own boat.

There really isn't enough time in the year for us to keep a boat and a house going. And the demands of my other science life - the papers and proposals and reviews and thousand and one demanding tasks that characterize the life of a scientist - all that doesn't go away just because I'm out in the field for a couple months.

And our days with the family revolve around, well, work. The boys are very used to hearing that no, there isn't time to do this or that fun thing in the fabulous places we are visiting because we have to sample on the tide, or we have to make it to the next bay.

But, for all that, there is a huge joy in this summer of muddy boots and shared enterprise that the family is embarked on. We're roughly half way through the job, and about to turn around to head back towards Kodiak. And as is the case with any worthwhile voyage, I find that time has stretched out. The first bays we visited seem a lifetime ago, and it feels (comfortably) like this trip will never end.

S'mores on the beach
Fifth of July fireworks. We were traveling on the Fourth.
He put on his dad's waders by mistake
At the very southern end of Kodiak
High-energy beach

Crossing the Shelikof
The dolly varden fishing of his dreams 
Fin whale blow
IDing salmon smolts
Each boy is working on a project for the summer. Eric's: an algae collection.
Swim-by from the locals

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