Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Pulse Quickens

With the boat search getting longer and longer, we're digging our heels in, determined to find the boat - the one that will carry us all the way until Elias is ready for high school (inshallah!), and through the Northwest Passage as well (inshallah, inshallah!).

We don't want to go through a boat swap again.

Our internet search has lately taken us off the well-trod paths of the slick yacht broker websites and into the overgrown byways of Francophone for-sale-by-owner sites.  "Our boat's gotta be here somewhere," we mutter as we push the button on Google Translate for the 1,000th time...

And, then, a few days ago, we found our best candidate yet.  A fantastic design, a bit old but not geriatric, properly set up to sail great distances, and apparently well maintained.  And, conveniently enough, already in the southwest Pacific.

Our pulses quickened.  We made enquiries, and received satisfactory replies.  Figuring that Fortune favors the Bold, we prepared to make an offer.

But then we discovered that the boat is out cruising for the next three months or so, and the owners would rather not discuss a sale until the cruise is over.

Fair enough, we figured.  But it was a bit of a come-down from the plateau of excitement we had reached.

So we'll get in touch with the sellers in a few months.  And meanwhile the search continues.

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