Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in America

Arrived in San Francisco after a somewhat eventful flight, featuring an unscheduled stop in Honolulu to fix the plane's bathrooms.  Good call there - imagine a 747 without a single empty seat, and every bathroom in economy class out of order...

I met the seller and broker this afternoon, and had a first look at Taiko.  Initial impressions are good - fingers crossed that nothing bad comes up on survey.

Afterwards, I soaked up the feeling of being back in the home country.  I'm particularly noticing the things that I do here that I don't do in Oz.  So far the list includes eating Mexican food, buying a six pack of good beer, and giving a panhandler change.

I find myself wondering why we don't say "beggar" in America.  Whatever people might say about declining literacy and the dumbing-down of society, the power of language, and individual words, continues undiminished.


Meanwhile the news out of southeast Queensland has gotten pretty grim.  Sounds like all the family is safe, though a couple have been flooded out and a few others are cut of from their homes...

Ipswich, my Dad's hometown, earlier today.



  2. You know you've been looking for a boat too long when people start sending you boat links anonymously!