Friday, January 28, 2011


We accepted an offer on Pelagic today.  The offer was quite a bit lower than what we had hoped for, but    with Taiko set to close on Saturday, it was clearly time to end the Pelagic years.  I have never been very nostalgic about boats, but I must admit that when I was tidying things up on Pelagic before I left Tassie to look at this new boat it felt strange to just be leaving her there, tied up in the marina indefinitely, idle.  She's been a very good boat for us, really as good a boat for sailing from Alaska to Australia as we could have gotten on our budget, and I'll be glad to see her passed along to someone else to be sailed around Tassie for a while.

So, we suddenly have agreements to sell one boat and buy another, and the end of the year-long boat-swap process is before us.  I hope it's a long long time until we change boats again!

The picture above was taken in the Kenai Fjords, about a week after we left Kodiak.


  1. Pelagic, We are so excited for you and your new adventure. We loved the picture of Pelagic when you first started out in Alaska then what we remember what Pelagic looked like deep into the Pacific. It's amazing what one learns over many passages. We may all be gypsies but we learn that we don't have live like gypsies. Pelagic was a ship shape vessel and a proud girl indeed. Tracy and I are not too far behind you. Good luck!

  2. Wonderful news, great timing! We're excited for you all and this next family sailing chapter, xo

  3. Yay!! all that hard work paid off! It always does. So happy for you all- sending love and hugs to all 4.