Sunday, April 17, 2011


Thank god for deadlines.

April 15 Australia time was the deadline for the book re-write.  I nailed the deadline, sending manuscript and maps and photos off to the publisher two days ago.  And that means that I finally get to concentrate on just the boat - what a joy, yesterday, to start working on the boat first thing in the day, instead of writing through the morning and getting to the boat jobs in the afternoon.


  1. That empty beer bottle next to the bucket says heaps! Bet it tasted sweet..........and by the way how's the hernia?

  2. congratulations, mike! - heather

  3. We are a couple with a 7 months baby on a sailing boat ( We are for the moment in the caribbean and we plan to go to the San Blas. I read with interest your writing about the diapers. Could we share other tricks about baby on board: ie security, .... Clarisse, Hicham, and Marwan (