Saturday, April 2, 2011

Introducing an Alaskan to Snow

For the last week and a half or so we've been taking a break from boat prep and visiting our families on the East Coast of the U.S.  And a quite freakish April snowstorm in Boston, where my sister lives, means that we got the chance yesterday to introduce Elias to snow.

It was a wet snow, not the greatest for playing in, but the kids didn't care at all - Elias and his cousin Kali sampled all of the childhood delights of winter - sledding, a snowball fight, snow angels, and a snow man.  And we, savvy parents that we are, made sure they did it all in half an hour, and then got them back in the car before wet clothes and cold toes could ruin the experience.

Elias still tells people that he's from Alaska, but he was seven months old or so the last time we were living in Kodiak for a snowfall, so he is that oddest of all Alaskans, one who doesn't know snow.  It was good to give him a little introduction.

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