Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Atoll Livin'

How could you not love fairy terns?

And cutting coconuts from the tree?

And swimming with your kid?


This is the last post that I will allow myself about Tahanea Atoll.


Sailing inside the lagoon.


Tahanea is great for all the obvious reasons, but it's also great for Alisa and me because it's a place about which we have implicity agreed that we don't ever care if we find anything 'better'.  This is good enough for us, thanks.


Another strong allure of the Tuamotus is how completely different they are from anything that we natives of continents might associate with the word 'land'.  These islands are primarily places of sky and sea, with the land taking third place.

Every day of our two weeks there was busy.  There are any number of things to do in a place like this.  Time slowed down and for a while it felt like we'd never leave. 

Maybe we'll come back.

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  1. oh my, we have such sweet memories of tahanea ,too. love the stories and pictures! keep them up, good lck to you all!
    love paul anne lali