Monday, August 8, 2011

Passage to Tahiti

It's just turned midnight, and I'm wide awake, courtesy of an accidental gybe while the windvane wasn't paying attention.

Not too big a deal, really. The preventer catches the main, so Galactic just ends up hove-to with a backwinded main. But you do have to drop the main to get back on course.

Alisa and the boys are asleep. The moon is setting dead in front of us.

We commented over and over yesterday at what a gentle sail we're having. The sea is flat, the winds light and behind us. Everything is comfortable, the hatches are open, and we're making acceptable speed. Elias spent a long time on the bow, alone, yesterday, looking for flying fish at first, then just relaxing with his feet on the lifelines. Five years old.

Even though Tahiti has been on everyone's "nothing special" list for the last forty years or so, there is something irreducibly romantic about sailing there.

And this passage is giving us two days to mull over the delights of our time in the Tuamotus, two weeks without the demands of work or travel, with trips ashore every day, and the delight of time spent in a part of the world completely different from any place we've ever called home.

Tahiti, and the Societies, will be a much busier time for us. We have a solid week of work to get the barky resupplied and organized, and another solid spell of science work for me on top of that.

But still, I imagine we'll manage to have some fun.


  1. Your words are giving us the pictures. In this case, they're enough, without the photos. Our last days in France before we fly - how ordinary! - back to Oz. xxx

  2. Hey Mike and Alisa,

    it's Wynne and Kristian--the hitchboaters from Nuku Hiva. We're in Mo'orea right now, probably going to Raiatea on Sunday with a nice French dude named Phillippe. We'd love to see you guys and catch up so let us know what you are up to. Our emails are and We barely ever check the blog emails with internet being to expensive.

    Hope to see you soon,