Sunday, November 6, 2011


Tomorrow will be the 18th day since we last touched land, in Futuna. That makes this passage nearly as long as our two crossings to the Marquesas. The rowdy sailing at the start of the trip seems as far in the past as something that happened last year.

For the last day or two we've been daydreaming about the big lawn at the Port Bundaberg Marina, where the boys can run and run and run. And Alisa has been talking about the delights of the marina laundry room.

Everything going well, we should make it into Bundy tomorrow, though too late in the day to clear into the country.

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  1. Good luck with clearance, and can't wait to hear that you're well into your first beer - or will it be a cafe latte? - and lamb burger at the Bundy marina cafe, watching Elias and Eric tear around on the grass like early morning puppies. Welcome sailors! What an epic voyage (for your followers too!). much love from the landlubbers x