Friday, December 16, 2011

Not an adventure

OK, I'm back from a bit of a mini-holiday from the blog.  Although 'holiday' isn't really the word, as I've been very busy with all sorts of stuff that I won't go into...

We've settled nicely into our old haunt of Iluka - pictures to prove it below - and are enjoying a breather from the on-the-go, "always another anchorage" approach to the life afloat.  Galactic has been sitting in one place for a month now, long enough that I'm thinking I'll have to brave the murky river water and the bull sharks to clean the barnacles off the prop before we'll even be able to move again.

Meanwhile, our family activities have concentrated on the old Iluka standbys: the beach...

...and the barbie.

I suppose we'd get restless if we lived in Iluka for a year or two and did this stuff all the time, our feet being as naturally itchy as they are.  But right now we've got a strong feeling that we earned a bit of this classic Aussie existence, and we're soaking it up.  It's not an adventure, and that's just fine with us.


Meanwhile, one notable development.  I stayed up late finishing a science proposal a few nights ago, submitted it the next day, then collapsed into a quivering heap for a few days, just like I do sometimes on passage.  Luckily, we've got family visiting, and my brother-in-law the fancy Boston doctor has offered a tentative hypothesis of migraines (absent the splitting headache), triggered by sleep deprivation.  It's an idea to go on, and gives us our first suggestion of how we might tackle these mystery bouts of infirmity that occasionally leave Alisa doing everything on her own at sea.


  1. I've had luck with Imitrex and naproxin sodium.

  2. Gin and tonics do a world of good.. ... ..And they keep the mossies away. Patrick

  3. Have you had the author's joy of looking at your book on a store shelf yet? I spotted it in the Perth airport a few days ago, thought you'd like to see. :)

    Cruiser's party at the Cammeray Marina, Sydney's Middle Harbour on Dec 24th if you make it here by then. We're sailing up to Sydney after NYE, hope to cross your path.

  4. hey, I love that pic of
    your book next to Krakauer,
    ha! a dream realized!
    I'm glad you are getting
    to the root of the mystery illnesses.
    take good care,

  5. Hey Behan - Thanks for the pic! I'm next to V.S. Naipaul at the Bundaberg Dymock's. We'll keep an eye out for you as we travel south.