Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting the Feel

Well, we're back in Bluff, and I'm able to eke out enough internet to put up a quick post.  It's a funny thing about contemporary travel - the internet gives us the independence to take work and life details with us, but it also becomes a terrible constraint, and we find ourselves gravitating to whatever source we can find when we're in an out of the way place.

We're in Bluff to check out with the Department of Conservation for our visit to the sub-antarctic islands (done) and to take care of all the port details of fuel-water-food-oil-laundry-cooking gas (mostly done).  We spent nearly two weeks at Stewart Island, and there are many stories to share from that time.  But for now I'll have to be content with pictures from our two days of sailing along the southeast coast of the island, out to Port Pegasus and back.

Both times we had 25 knot winds and some swell, which make for a fairly rowdy day sail.  These outings were a great way for us to get a bit of a feel for sailing in these waters - what our limits are for comfortable travel, and how to work the conditions to get where we want to go.

And a highlight of both days was the birding - we all got into spotting new pelagic species.

Elias was the first to spot a cape pigeon.

 A sooty (?) shearwater.  Always close to our hearts, as they spend the Austral winter in Alaska.

 Royal albatross.

 Adventure mom!
 Keeping the kids entertained when it's rough is a full-time undertaking.

And a well-earned walk on the beach...

No time for more, I'm afraid.  We're planning on catching the morning tide out of here tomorrow morning, heading south, and I'm not short of things to do today!

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