Saturday, August 10, 2013


Jumping off the stern arch is all the rage on Galactic.

I thought we'd never see Alisa doing the jump.  But then Elias' 7th birthday rolled around, and she figured it would be the perfect way to kick off the celebration.

Of course, the day also included some more traditional celebrations.

Alisa made him a new stuffed horse  (on the left) which our still-so-innocent oldest boy was thrilled to get.
There was a birthday cake in the shape of a cheetah.

And we finished the day with a beach fire.
It was a family-only celebration, as we hadn't yet hooked up with any other kid boats to share the day.  And it was a simple celebration - the same decorations we put up in the cabin for every birthday on Galactic, some gifts, some cake, an early-morning birthday snorkel and the various other outdoor fun.  

The real treat for me was seeing how adequate that was for Elias - he told us a few times that it was the best birthday he could imagine. 


  1. Amazing amazing life you guys are making for yourselves - beautiful photos, faces like ripe apricots, suffused with sweetness. Love the jumping girl! Best birthday ever, Elias, we agree.

    1. thanks, guys... funny how different things must be for us in Tonga and you in Greece, though we're all basically doing the same thing - knocking around in boats...