Sunday, January 26, 2014

From the Art Department

Well, I look at the blog and see it's been five days since I wrote about being alone on the boat, working away, while Alisa and the boys are back in the States to visit family.

I pass each day with tools in hand, yet my list of accomplishments fails to live up to the promise of all this uninterrupted time.  Surely mounting the new solar panel on the stern arch couldn't have taken two day?

But, never say die - I'm going to clean up this boat (neatness has slipped a lot) and go to bed, confident that tomorrow will surpass all standards for getting-er-done.

I'll leave you with these products of the Blue World Press art department - the draft cover and maps for the long-awaited US edition of South From Alaska. 

I'm very happy with how they're turning out…


  1. Gorgeous illustrations. I missed that you had found a US publisher- congratulations!

    1. Thanks for the congrats, Behan - the publisher is everyone's current favorite house - "self"...

    2. I hear that Self is a *very* popular house! Happy to be a pre-reader person for you, if it helps.

    3. I'm re-publishing the exact text of the Australian edition so don't think I'll need pre-readers - oh, no, but I just thought of the need to proof the book again - argh...

    4. Gotta get those 'ou's back to 'o's, those 's's to 'z's! Although now that I think about it, having steeped in Strayan for a couple of years, I might not have the sharpest eye any more... ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Heather. I need to get the next book moving so I can request your invaluable first-reader skills again.