Monday, February 22, 2016

Charming But Challenging

Eric's favorite part of the day yesterday: seeing the right whale so close up.

Elias' favorite part of the day: seeing the right whale.

Alisa's favorite part: seeing the right whale.

My favorite part: when the anchor dug in right away after we'd picked a route through the kelp beds to reach the little anchorage right next to shore, in a blow, with both steering cables off their blocks, after we'd spent three(?) hours motoring the two and a half miles upwind, into a gale, to reach said anchorage, and it further turned out that after threading our way through said kelp beds and making the hard turn away from the shore with said steering cables off said blocks and dropped said anchor at the end of the low-steering swoop taking us away from shore, we managed in spite of our unaccustomed speed for anchoring to get the anchor down in a perfectly fine spot between the curve of shore and the various kelp beds dotting and delineating the clear water of the anchorage.

Good place to have that oversized Rocna anchor, I can tell you, and no shame in that.

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  1. This is still my favorite blog to follow. Congrats on making it to South Georgia! We have a 73 lb Rocna on our 42" boat. My husband says you keep upgrading the size of your anchor until people laugh when they pass you by on the dock. Only then do you know you have an anchor big enough! We do sleep well at night!
    Happy exploring! Looking forward to seeing pics of the King penguins and Southern Elephant seals.
    Amy SV Pelagic