Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Romance Of the Sea When You're Ten, Or Six

Ok, you know what makes me tick on long passages.

What about the kids?

Well. Our little Alaskans-in-training on Galactic are very much into killing what they eat. Or at least eating what I kill for them. Check out Eric's smile in the pic above. He's about to levitate with joy.

So, while there's a lot of things that the boys seem to like, or at least accept, about being at sea, nothing fires their enthusiasm like catching a fish.

And this passage from South Africa was very good for the fishing. If nothing else, we put in enough hours of trolling to expect a few seafood feeds out of the deal.

So here are the boyish smiles that did not get away.

Elias' first mahi mahi
Elias' first marlin. (We let it go.)

Ascension Island. The best-fishing anchorage in our 9 years of sailing.
Not humanly possible to be any happier than these two boys.
Eric's first-ever pelagic fish. Check out the fighting belt!
Wahoo for dinner! And breakfast and lunch and dinner
and breakfast and lunch and dinner

The mahi mahi that Elias caught for our 15th anniversary dinner
I keep telling the boys that Alisa can fillet a salmon much better than I can.


  1. Aside from the fish, whose charms go without saying, I vote the last photo on this post the best ever of Alisa - check that hat, but seriously, check that smile. Is she happy, or what? much love, Diana

  2. So happy, so happy...yes, I am one very happy mama! As for the hat...don't you worry, I know just the store that sells them in Kodiak and we'll get you one when you come to visit! xxox A