Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hot Link

I haven't written about it much on the blog, but one of the delights of our sailing life ever since our second visit to New Zealand, in 2014, has been my occasional bout of on-spec writing for Cruising World magazine. The sailing world has quite a history of good writing, and an even more notable history of sailors rubbing their incomplete educations against their dubious finances and coming up with the answer of freelance writing as a way to stretch the cruising years out against the inevitable return to work.

That, by the way, was far too much of a conglomerate of a sentence to ever make it past the editors and CW.

Anyway, our most recent story is featured on their web site just now. It's about one of our greatest sailing experiences ever...


  1. Thanks for the link to CW, Mike...great writing. Since when did rainbow-striped long johns cease being respectable island visiting attire? Those Poncets sure do set a high bar for the life well lived, but you Galactics are definitely within reach of it.

  2. I do love the imagery of Eric and Elias intently penguin spotting on the wild, green slopes of Sth Georgia and Elias's backpack proudly sporting the Milo and Australian cricket logo.
    "Anyone for a spot of ruggers, chaps?"