Saturday, November 7, 2009


Alisa and I spell out loud as fast as a teenager texts. Spelling key words of our conversations gives us a tiny bit of privacy in the cramped confines of Pelagic. It's our way of talking about topics that we don't want processed and repeated by a three year old.

We have often rued the day when Elias would learn to spell.

Like most things parenting, it came sooner than anticipated.

This morning at breakfast Alisa and I were spelling the same word a little too frequently. It was a short word, one that Elias could master with a little repetition. And so, with cups of tea and coffee steaming beside us, and bowls of yoghurt in our laps, we got to listen to our little pride and joy spell his first-ever word.

S-E-X! Elias said triumphantly. S-E-X!

1 comment:

  1. From now on, you'll have to call it "antifouling the hull" or "washing up the dishes". I'm sure that Elias will swiftly lose interest in the conversation.