Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Professional Help

OK, here's how you tell if you're a yachtie or an office drone.  

(Nothing against the office drones among you, of course.  Some of our very best friends work in offices.)

A yachtie, I reckon, will be able to tell what is missing from the engine in the shot below:

Give up?  It's the header tank and injection pump.

(Don't worry if you didn't get the answer - you might not be an office drone, just one of those poet-yachties that you hear about...)

So, anyway, said picture was taken just minutes ago, and it shows the state of our donk after those two really important bits were taken away to some place where they can be made well.

And that also gives you the answer that we've come up with to this winter's much mulled-over question - to replace the donk, or not?

We figure that, at this point at least, new donks are for office drones with steady paychecks.  So we're going to fix two out of the three outstanding problems with the current beast and just get on with things.

I certainly could have taken off the header tank myself, and the injection pump, too, for that matter.  But we decided that this was an instance when a little professional help would be in order, so we had an actual mechanic do the job.

We've had almost no professional work of any kind done on our various boats - I usually just muddle through myself, semi-demi poet-yachtie that I am.  But every now and then you just want to pay someone else to make a job go away.

We always get an incredibly satisfied feeling when we decide to pay someone to cross a cantankerous item off our list.  And then, in our experience, we get a really rotten feeling when the "professional" stuffs the job up for us.

I'm sure that won't happen this time!


  1. Hi Mike
    As I posted previously here I have spent $8k over 3 years on my 4-108. I have just dicovered that when the injector pump leaked deisel into the sump it caused damage to the valves and the rings. New quote $3k. I am bitting the bullet and replacing it with a Yamnar 56hp for about 416-$18K and getting an extra 20 hp at the prop.
    Good luck with yours
    Wainui Cal 48

  2. Hey Mark -

    Those $ figures you're throwing around are making me dizzy!

    Seriously, though, if we decide to go to Patagonia I reckon we'll probably repower.