Tuesday, July 9, 2013

east to west longitude

When I came on watch at 0300 I noticed two things: First, the motion has increased so that I imagine the swell is up over 2 m(can't see a bloody thing outside to verify). Muscles I didn't know I had in my lower back are now jolted awake and working hard to keep me in this seat at the nav. table. The second thing is that we crossed the 180 meridian. It's not like crossing the equator or anything, but it is a notable event to cross the date line. Especially in this particular passage which has been a bit lackluster in regards to sea birds and marine mammals.

Things with the crew have stabilized. It was a hectic start. We still have random bowls wedged into corners and bookshelves throughout the salon in case someone needs a quick container in which to vomit. Tonight while I was cooking dinner, Eric leaned over the counter to watch and asked if he was allowed to eat dinner tonight, "since I didn't throw up today, Mommy" and when I said "yes" he squealed "horrah, I am so excited!". That boy wants a house so badly. Thankfully Elias, who Eric adores, is very much a sailor and spent the entire afternoon planning the kind of sailboat he's going to captain when he's 19 to sail to the Falkland Islands. He told me he wants me to come too, as the cook. Priceless.

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  1. Hi Galactic,
    We are having our penultimate Parisian dinner tonight. Its been a blast and we would love to stay more in this fantastic city. Its back to Hobart, work, papers, grants and try to lose the 5kg or so that has accumulated around our torsos. We will follow your adventures and hope that someday we'll get together over a nice red or 2.

    1. hey guys! great to hear from you - can't believe your trip is still going on... wil definitely have to hear about it over a red or two!