Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moms Are Like That

The other day, when the two sportfishing boats were leaving, one of them pulled up next to us and tossed over a bag full of great slabs of tuna meat, well chilled.

That prompted Alisa to forgive them for anchoring right behind us when we were the only three boats in this vast lagoon.

That afternoon, they came back, and anchored even closer to us. The next day Elias and I stopped by on the way to our snorkeling spot to have a chat with them, and they mentioned throwing offal into the water to attract tiger sharks.

That put them, permanently I think, back in Alisa's bad graces. Something about rocking up on our solitude and then bringing tiger sharks into the area where we were taking our six-year-old snorkeling really colored her opinion. Moms are like that.

Nice blokes to talk to, though.
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