Sunday, October 13, 2013

Leaving Home

This was the view from our lower spreaders yesterday afternoon.  Galactic is in the mooring field at the Musket Cove Resort, along with about 40 other boats.

This isn't the sort of place that we would normally bother with.  But it gives us everything we need during my upcoming trip to Canada for a marine biology conference - a secure place for the boat, and, importantly, the resort pool, which our boys will surely not tire of during the week I'm away.  It also turns out that the boat needed to be at a marina (or on a marina's mooring, in this case) in order to secure a letter from Immigration that will allow me to re-enter Fiji without an onward ticket.  

Anchoring off resorts is a very popular thing for yachts to do in Fiji.  I think that part of the reason is that people are scared off of the idea of presenting sevusevu and interacting with a village at every new anchorage they visit, and the resorts, which are outside the sphere of traditional protocol, give them a way to skip that experience.

I'm sitting in the departure lounge of the Nadi airport as I write this.

Alisa and I have been getting ready for this period of separation for a week or so - mostly just me bringing her up to speed on various engineering details.  I'm sure that everything that will be fine while I'm gone, though it will be full duty for her to be the only adult on board all week.

But while I'm sure everything will be fine, it was a jarring experience to wave goodbye to my wife and two little boys - them on the decks of Galactic, me on the ferry that would take me to the main island of Viti Levu.

We live a physically very close existence, of course, and share nearly every experience on board as a family, which made it a bit surreal to be leaving them on the boat without me...

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