Saturday, October 26, 2013


Well, I've come full circle in the five days since I've been back on board Galactic.

I arrived jet-lagged and groggy.  And today I find myself groggy after staying up to 0100 last night to get a paper submitted to the journal where it will hopefully find a home.

In between these two sleepy bookends I've had a week of too much work for too little pay.  I've found myself reunited with a partner/first mate/reason for living whose morale was somewhat shaken by eight days of unrelieved kid duty.  And through it all we've been living under the lowering skies and stifling air of the season's slowest low-pressure system.

So now it's time.  The paper is submitted, the visibility for navigating is ok, if not great, and we're going sailing.

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