Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We finally made the tack to head for New Zealand. But we find ourselves sailing into stronger winds, and lumpier seas, than we had hoped for. The cockpit is soaked and little drips and drabs are finding their way down below. And the noise and the pounding are both a bit more forceful than you'd wish for.

After each doing our first three hour watch for the night we decided, for the first time this trip, to let the AIS look out for ships while we both got some sleep. A few chores on deck, and a quick look at the weather to see if we can bear a course a bit less into the wind have me up again in the early hours.

All is well, and there are a couple consolations to make up for the rough ride - the boys are doing fine, and we're making more than 8 knots.


  1. Your blog has been a great read! Fair winds for the rest of your passage.

  2. The AIS has you back in NZ. So welcome back and have a good rest.
    Flora, Peter, Solveig and Hans

    1. Hey Peter - great to hear from you. Not sure if Napier is on our itinerary this year...but you never know...