Thursday, November 28, 2013

Branching Out

Early Adopters are in position for the Next Big Thing - Late Adopters are in position to be read in 100 years!

Anyway, that's the most flattering angle that I could cast on my social media habits, which are oh-so-20th-Century.

Sailing to windward - the ecstasy of it!
(My science papers would do quite well to be read in 20 years, much less 100.  And as for South From Alaska, it will always have the first-book place of pride in my heart, and the reviews were quite good...but I think the oeuvre will have to grow substantially to be read in 100 years.)

All of which is a not-to-the-point way of saying that Twice In A Lifetime now has a Facebook page - see the "like" button on the sidebar.  I realize that the Facebook feed is a primary avenue for a lot of people's online experience, so feel free to like the page and get our posts that way.

I'll answer all comments on the Facebook page, just as I do on the blog - and this is a good opportunity to say that I'd love to hear from readers who are thinking of acting on the salty dream themselves.  I don't do much how-to on Twice In A Lifetime, but I've got some pretty concrete ideas about the nuts-and-bolts stuff you need to figure out to get away, and would be happy to answer any questions.

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