Saturday, November 9, 2013

Indefatigable? Indomitable?

Well, hopefully we won't have to rise to either of those standards.

We're sticking with our plan, and the high pressure system to the west of New Zealand is sticking to its plan.

According to the forecasts we're able to receive, the high is completely stalled out, so we find ourselves forever on its leading edge, in the southerly winds of its counter-clockwise flow.

So we're sticking with our plan of patiently, patiently working our way south. We got to switch off the motor this morning, and have sailed towards the southeast all day in a fresh southerly breeze. We're not getting much closer to Opua, but with luck we're getting to an advantageous spot to be once the wind backs a bit to the east.

It's not the most comfortable ride, but it's not bad either. We hear on the radio that there are a dozen boats anchored up at Minerva Reef, waiting for more favorable winds to get to New Zealand. For now, at least, we're happy to do our waiting here at sea, slowly heading in not quite the right direction. The weather still looks fine for making landfall in En Zed, which continues to be our main priority.

Alisa revisited last night's blackened mahi mahi triumph for lunch today, and then performed the high-wire trick of inviting Elias to choose any recipe he liked from the Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing for dinner. He chose the Thai satay mahi mahi in peanut sauce, and she pulled it off beautifully.

OK, time to look at the latest weather forecast.

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