Tuesday, July 22, 2014

His Life Aquatic

I've been meaning to write this post for a while.  This is an assignment that Elias did last school term, while we were in New Zealand.  It's just a timeline of his life as he remembers it at this point, but I was struck by what an effective summary it was for the way we've been living as a family for the last seven years.

If you like the blog enough to be reading regularly, you might forgive me this indulgent post.  Without meaning to, my kid showed me the big picture quite effectively.

I was born on August 5, 2006, in Kodiak, Alaska.  In this photo I'm with my great grandfather, Elmer.

I left Kodiak on Pelagic to sail to Australia with my parents.

We sailed across the Pacific Ocean and arrived in Aus. in Oct.  I turned two in Tonga.
We sailed along the east coast of Australia.  I turned 3 in Mooloolaba.
I became a big brother on April 29 when Eric was born in Hobart.
We sailed from California to Hobart on our new sailboat Galactic.
This year we lived in Hobart and I went to school at Albuera Street.
We sailed to NZ, Tonga and Fiji on the trip.  On that trip I caught a yellow-spotted trevally.
This year we are in NZ.  I got a recurve bow and arrows.

So far so good.

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