Friday, July 18, 2014

There Was Something I Was Supposed to Be Doing

He had pipes - a fine alto voice.  I remind myself that in my next incarnation as a traveller I really must carry a little recording device and pursue the music of whatever place I visit
So, Fakarava.  We were going to rock up in town and get some practical stuff done.  I was gonna put the last nail in that PhD thesis, for one thing.  Send off a promised story to a sailing magazine.  We were going to check the bank account for signs of life, turn on the new credit cards we received in New Zealand, send in a contract for some science work that is starting - all those little errands that require internet.  Then we'd get food, propane, some petrol, water…and later.  We were going to go get lost in the Tuamotus again.

Tuhoe, the Mayor of the commune.  Turns out he lived in Alaska for five years
It turns out that Fakarava had a few distractions in store for us.  There was the Bastille Day celebration, which the more festive of these photos is from.  A quick parade of the schoolkids, some speeches and fine music and good-natured entertainments, followed by a fine free lunch for all comers.

Not a lot of yachties were around for the parade, but we all showed for the free lunch.  No one appreciates a free lunch like a traveling sailor.
The locals have just ushered Elias and Eric and the other yachtie kids inside to eat with all the Fakarava schoolkids, and sent us around back to eat with the adults.  I think Alisa's expression has to do with the unexpected delight of unadulterated adult conversation at lunch.  Doesn't happen that much to us
The lunch - that's poission cru at the top left.  Everything else was good, too
The music...
…went on and on
The Bastille Day goings on were the beginning of what have turned into some very fun local interactions for us.

And the yachtie scrum has been more than enjoyable.  There are a lot of boats that stop in Fakarava - we are solidly on the beaten path here.  And, go figure, a lot of those boats have very remarkable people on board.
A more normal lunch scene on Galactic
Very remarkable people, and kids.  Elias and Eric have been getting down with their own crowd - the kids who travel.
The boys heading off to the delights of play aboard Caminante
Teams Galactic and Caminante
So.  I think we've been here a week.  And I still have a few things I need to do...

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