Sunday, July 20, 2014

Three Times Lucky

It's time to catch up on some more pics from our text-only days of posting via the HF radio.  We advance the plot now to Tahanea Atoll, our landfall out of En Zed.

Tasmanian and Kiwi friends - you may want to bookmark this post and come back to it in December.

North Americans and Europeans - it's summer for you, so you should be ok.

One of our first forays ashore.  Are we dreaming?  Are we still Alaskans?

We reached Tahanea fairly done in by our 23 days at sea.

"Hard won," Alisa kept muttering to herself.    "It was hard won."
We must be dreaming

We went directly to a favorite anchorage from previous visits and got down to just soaking it all in.
We can fly!  That's it - we're dreaming
The kid, and his hair, both swum out
Stone cold recuperating
Wildlife photography by Elias
Leather machete sheath by Alisa 
Elias learning to climb coconut trees

Great things come from small beginnings
We're still flying

Drying the series drogue before we pack it away

After a week or so we turned our attention to getting the boat cleaned up after the passage.

If there's something important about your boat that you can't fix yourself, that's you kissing all this goodbye and getting sucked in by Pape'ete.  So you gotta spend time fixing stuff.

Sewing the trysail
That's me fixing the Harken cruising roller furling.  We have two units - one for the jib, one for the staysail.  I've had to fix one or the other of them four times now.  Anything that we have to fix three times or more is officially overpriced junk.  The boys love it when we drop the sail on deck, though.

I went up the stick to rescue the distressed masthead wind indicator
I got this view for my trouble - lagoon, reef/motu, open Pacific
Making a second rain catcher.  Drinking water just falls from the sky, free to all.  How good is that?

Tahanea is not a place that you go for narrative.  It's a place, in our experience, that you just go to be.  And when you're ready for something else, you leave.

I'll end it for now with this picture of the boys completely rapt over the 7th anniversary cake that Alisa made.

More soon.


  1. Great photos but particularly well done to Elias for his shot, love the crab in focus with the background blurred.

    1. I know - I keep forgetting to adjust the darn aperture, but it just comes naturally to him...