Monday, February 9, 2009

The Storyteller

Well, I guess this is what you would call a "grandma clip" - a bit of video of Little Salty being cute in a way that will be fascinating to his grandparents, then progressively less interesting as the viewer's degree of relatedness to the little bloke declines.

With that warning out of the way, I'll say that Elias is a consummate storyteller. He gets into his material. Here he is at lunch today, talking about whale meat.


  1. Dave & I loved watching Little Salty! There's some future biologist material - practicing his thesis defense! I can't believe he's talking so much! so great to 'see' him! much love to you guys.

  2. Skylar & Jayden look forward to their next bio 350 lesson on birds. Thanks professor Salty!

  3. I have zero relatedness to Little Salty, but I think that video is priceless. We were just watching some videos of our oldest daughter when she was about two. We giggled and cried the whole way through them. She's only six now but that storytelling seems like it was decades ago.

    What a precious conversation to catch on video!

  4. Found your blog last week by way of The Saltonstalls -Patrick, Zoya, Nora, Stuart, Roxy Dog & Jake. Fascinating! Non stop reading for me. Absolutely love the video. Wish for more.
    North Carolina