Monday, February 9, 2009

What I Forgot

Here in Iluka we've settled into our version of the traditional "he commutes, she stays at home with the kid" lifestyle.

I commute from Pelagic to my rented office in downtown Iluka via inflatable kayak, then spend the morning laboring in the Creative Nonfiction saltmines and the afternoon working on a biology contract. Alisa and Elias meet me for a walk out to the beach after I'm through with work and Alisa tells me about their day. She usually ends by saying something like, "I cannot believe how much I'm enjoying this. This must absolutely be the best routine for a stay-at-home mom in the whole world."

So, something happened this morning that brought home how relaxed this routine is.

I finished my morning commute and tied the kayak to a tree. I realized that I had left my flip-flops at the boat. No drama! I'm just doing the day barefoot.

So, to all our North American friends and family: when is the last time that you forgot to put shoes on when you went to work?


Regular life is going on here, and in much of Oz. Australia played New Zealand at the SCG last night and ended their streak of 5 consecutive losses in one-day international cricket.

In Victoria, 108 bodies have been recovered from the bush fires that still burn. In bush fires people are burned to death by radiant heat, rather than being killed by smoke as in house fires.

And far north Queensland is suffering under devastating floods.

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