Tuesday, October 13, 2009


-Romeo, I said.

-Come on, be serious, said Alisa.

-I am serious. What better gift to give your son than naming him Romeo?

-We're not going to use it. Here's a good one - I saw it on a boat today. Ramblin' Rose.

-That's a great name!

-I know, it's a great name.

-Who would have ever thought I'd own a boat with a name from a Grateful Dead song?

-But we can't use it. It's already taken, end of story.

-Boat names are hard.

-Baby names are hard.

-Boat names are harder.

We paused and thought.

-I've got it! I said.

-What? asked Alisa.

-Elias, Jr.

-Ha ha ha. Actually, it did work the first time.

-But what a way to give Elias a complex.



-Pelagic is such a good name, said Alisa.

-Yeah, it's a name you don't mind answering to for sure.

-But we could never do Pelagic II.

-I agree. Never. How about Tall Cotton?


-Steady Roll?


-I know. Get this. Stranger.

-I like it! It works on two levels.

-Yeah, right. We're always strangers in a new place. Plus the other meaning.

-That could work.

-Or Everywhere.

-That's good too. I thought you said boat names were harder than baby names.

-OK, baby names. How about Thelonious?



-Not since your sister's mother-in-law turns out to have a dog named Django.

-How come you're not suggesting any baby names?

-Because mine are serious, so I want to save them and see how they feel first.

-Pelagic is such a great boat.

-I know. I hate to think of selling her.

-Dave and Jaja sailed high latitudes with three kids on a 33 footer. It's not like it's impossible.

-But I don't think we could do four people on Pelagic.

-I know. I need a door I can close behind me as it is. I just can't take sharing a single room with a three year old twenty four seven.

-Much less a three year old and a six year old, said Alisa.

-Much less, I agreed.

-So I guess we'll try to swap boats while we're in Tasmania?

-It makes sense, I said, we have to spend some time ashore there anyway. But I want to get back on the boat with the new baby as soon as we can.

-Back on the new boat with the new baby, said Alisa.

-As soon as we can, I said.

-Right, as soon as we can, agreed Alisa.


  1. Seems sort of weird to say this as a stranger to you, but as someone who has followed your blog for a long time, Congratulations. (Have two kids myself and continually talk with the hubby about our sailing adventure. Some day I hope it will cease to be just talk.)

  2. Hey Kristen - hmmm... no comments from our near and dear so far, so better to get congrats from a stranger than from no one!

  3. Congratulations! We're thrilled for you! all our love and hugs, xoxoox ann and dustin

  4. I'm a stranger too, but happy for you guys! Congrats on the new addition. It sounds like he's due in April?

  5. From this household to yours....Congrats! I've read your from the beginning and have enjoyed seeing the world through your eyes.

    North Carolina

  6. Hooray!!!Elias is going to be a big brother. Wow. Why don't you let him choose the name? I am so happy for you, and Kali can give you a very indepth description of how the baby grows and grows and grows inside Aunt Alisa's stomach until one day it just pops out and everyone gets to eat cake. Love, Jenny

  7. Congratulations!

    I am so glad I came across this post while I was searching for boat name stories for my blog about boat names. Now I'm hooked.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

    the Boat Name Blog

  8. Oh my goodness! Congratulations you guys! When is the new bean due? I'm so happy for all three of you.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!! Two kids on the sailboat!? Is Elias ready to watch the baby while you guys sail the boat?

    Franz & Susan

  10. Congratulations, wonderful news!

    May the winds settle and bring you safe passage. We'll be following your adventures as winter sets in here in Fairbanks.

    All the best,

    Dan & Adrian

  11. Just got the message.... and am SOOOO happy for you three! xoxoxo