Thursday, October 1, 2009

Water playground, Dirt playground

We've been in Townsville for nearly three weeks but we haven't stayed in one anchorage very long. We routinely go back and forth between the 'duck pond' where we are anchored just off town and Magnetic Island, which is a lovely spot and only a daysail from Townsville. The days go by quickly with errands and bus rides to various shops, but when we are in Townsville I try each day to get Elias to the water playground. It is centrally located, always packed with screaming kids, and free! The Australians really know how to create delightful public spaces. And now, whenever we ask Elias if he wants to go to the playground he says 'YES' and then specifies if he wants to visit the water playground or dirt playground. Water playground usually wins.


  1. The playgrounds sure have changed since you were a toddler in Townsville! The water park looks fabulous, and Elias is the picture of joy. See you soon! Mom/Joan

  2. I knew Elias would love the water park