Monday, April 19, 2010

The Big News... that there is no big news, yet.  But Alisa's mom has arrived, the bags are all packed for the hospital, and the car is full of gas petrol.  We are no longer in danger of being taken by surprise.  We hope.

And, we've enjoyed an immediate benefit of having Sandy here - the ability, last night, to go out for dinner and a movie.  Just leaving the squirt with a responsible family member (whom he adores) gave us an insight into how much easier child rearing must have been in the days of extended families.


Meanwhile, I've been getting up EARLY most mornings to write.  And this is the sight that greets me from the window at the start of each day.


  1. Hello threesome! Enjoying following life in the south amid the myriad boat jobs on Kukka here in Sydney. Pelagic looks like a NEW woman Mike! and I'm certain that Newton or his ghost will have something of consequence in store if Alisa doesn't do something......??
    Yes Mike, boat porn is SOOOOO good isn't it? Think of you three lots. Hi to Elias, hugs to Alisa, congrats to you. Stay happy!

  2. Hey Alex - Great to hear from you. New Caledonia approaches! Last night we set an actual, non-hypothetical, what-can-we-afford-right-now budget for the next boat. A great antidote to daydreaming over web pages advertising yachts that we can't afford!