Friday, April 23, 2010

The Life Aquatic?

Today is the due date.  So we're thinking about... the next boat!
 I came upon this 47' steel morsel on a Kiwi website last night.  Not at all what we're looking for, but that didn't matter - a quick look and I felt that Palvovian response - elevated heartbeat and all that.  There's something wonderfully non-yachty about her, the combination of a ship-built interior and a do-it-yourself look to the cockpit and deck layout. 

Lots of things we didn't really want, like a ketch rig and a full keel, but it's just so easy to picture ourselves on this big, serious boat, with lots of space, sailing hither and yon all over the globe, in a family-circus-afloat, Life Aquatic sort of way. looks like she's in our budget.

I just keep reminding myself that there's nothing more expensive than an affordable large boat.

Meanwhile, we've got a new idea for how we might find a bargain.

"Do you think it's poor form to hope for a European sovereign debt crisis?" I asked Alisa.  "Then maybe we could afford one of those slick French centerboarders that are priced in euros."

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