Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tie, Cut, Cut

Well, you give your kid an honest answer to the question of where meat comes from, and it comes back to haunt you in the strangest places.  Like in the supermarket on the day before Easter.

Elias and I were walking the crowded aisles, looking for ingredients to make Easter egg dye.  He dutifully tagged along, dodging among all the people shopping for their holiday feasts, and started telling me what he was going to do if he saw the Easter Bunny.

-I'm going to tie the Easter Bunny up.  This in his piercing, high-pitched voice.

-Um, OK, honey.

-And then I'm going to cut the line.

-Keep up, honey.

-And then I'm going to use a really sharp knife and cut his throat.

Silence from me.

-Tie, cut, cut.  And then I'm going to eat all of the meat and not waste any.  Isn't that very good of me?

My only consolation was the sure knowledge that the Australians around us would have a hard time understanding his three year old's American accent.

He really is a very sweet child.  He just might have seen one too many tuna butchered in our cockpit, and heard one too many Alaskan hunting stories from me.


Once we got home, we forgot about Tie, Cut, Cut and got the childhood Easter onto a more traditional footing.

We dyed Easter eggs:

And before he went to sleep Elias made a nest of his clean underwear for the Easter bunny to fill with chocolate during the night:

This is a tradition in my family, coming down I believe through my maternal grandmother.  I have often asked, but I have never met anyone else who grew up making nests from their underwear for the Easter Bunny.  Imagine my shock when I went forth in the world and found that this wasn't a central event in the way most people observed the holiday...


  1. Stories from three year olds are the best! Happy Easter! Gail Kallock

  2. love it. :) true Alaskan kid at heart. miss you all very much.

  3. Today we are actually eating bunny for dinner (mixed with ptarmigan and served as a stew). So bunny stew for us - last time we did this the easter bunny stayed away for a few years. Patrick

  4. How Grandma Lois would ADORE this child and his nest all prepared for the Easter Bunny! Joan