Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Should Really Be Writing...

...since I'm on deadline.  (Once the baby comes, who will be able to write?)  And I also have a standard for blogging - Blog Only When You Have Something to Say.  The business of clogging up everyone's computer with the mental chaff of the moment I try to leave to others.

But I will take a moment to share this picture from last night... And to note that Elias was born spot on his due date.  And that Little Baby Brother's due date is in two days.


  1. Good luck Mike and Alisa! Can't wait to see pictures of new baby brother!

  2. Cousin Sandy sent me your blog site over a year ago and I have been an avid admirer. I look forward to all your postings and am disappointed when there is more than a week in between. My very best to you, Alisa, and Elias and new baby. Looking forward to reading about your new little one. Say hello to Sandy. You always have great pictures, esp that morning scene. From cousin Deb Hanna Howell

  3. We find that we never really have the time to write 'well thought out' essays, and that if we don't just post something - we never post at all. Our only 'rule' for our blog is that you have to write something. No just posting pictures.

    But, in general, I find blogs far more meaningful than Facebook or twitter. I actually wished people with blogs posted more!


  4. Thinking of you with hopes for a peaceful and easy go of things, Alisa! Mike, we'll be waiting patiently for the first pictures of the new guy on board! Lotsa love ...

  5. Hi Mike, Alisa and Elias

    Time has flown - I can't believe it is the due date today! Alisa looks the fittest pregnant woman i have ever seen! And your photos of Tassie are just lovely.

    Thinking of you guys heaps and big hugs to you all.

    Elias is going to be a fantastic big brother.

    Love from Rae, Matt, Sabrina and Kirrah

  6. Hey Rae - great to hear from you, we've been wondering how your things are going for your mob! We're in the quiet before the storm here... Mike