Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to the Garden

We were in good form on the departure from Sydney.  Up at 0430, slipped the mooring easy, and motored out of Port Jackson at first light, right as a cruise ship was coming into port, the passengers' flash bulbs sparkling on the observation deck while Opera House and Harbour Bridge were revealed at dawn.

We were starting the 220-mile trip to Eden, the southernmost port in New South Wales, and our jumping-off spot for Tassie.  The early start gave us the chance to do the trip in two days and a night.  As we tied into our coffee and oatmeal while Galactic started making miles south, we were feeling smug over our perfect start.

Then Eric started throwing up.  And he threw up, on and off, for most of the day.

The poor little guy still gets seasick.  And even though the winds were light, they were in our face, and a strange confused swell was rebounding off the cliffs south of Sydney.  It was enough to make Alisa and me queasy, and it sent Eric over the edge.

But that too passed, and by dinner time on the first day he was completely well.  And on the second day the winds built, as advertised, and we had a rippin' sail (above) that got us into Eden before dinner time.

We were in Eden two years ago, on our first trip to Tassie.  Only one kid in the crew that time, though Alisa was seven and a half months pregnant, and we've been joking about how this will actually be Eric's second crossing of Bass Strait.

So now we're sitting in Eden with a southerly gale blasting through the anchorage, putting all thoughts of sailing to Tasmania on an indefinite weather hold...


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