Sunday, January 8, 2012

Long Gone

The weather broke, and we grabbed the change to leave Iluka.  We made the 290-odd miles to Pittwater, just north of Sydney, in a bit less than 48 hours.  Had some very light winds at first, but they built into a booming norther that saw the bow wave grow and grow (above).  With additional help from the current, we made a steady 8 or 9 knots for a whole day.  A few hours after we arrived in Pittwater a southerly change came through, slamming the door on any more easy traveling to the south.  Didn't we feel smug, sitting on a mooring at our destination!

Alisa entertaining the boys on the second day, even though all she wants to do is take a nap. 

Elias entertaining himself by looking at pictures of...cowboys!

The delights of coastal sailing.  This is the screen of our Automatic Identification System as we approach Newcastle in the middle of the night.  The circle at the bottom of the screen is our location, and all the triangle thingies are ships in our way...

Ah, Iluka.  I love the light there, and the oh-so-subtle beauty of the flat landscape.  So very Australian. One of my very very favorite places, not the least because it is the home of some of my favorite people.  But perhaps you can only revisit places so many times when you're traveling.  Gotta keep moving.   

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