Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Face

OK, free parenting tip.

To try this on your own boat, begin with a 2-year old who is distraught that his mom ran out to the store without him:

Say, "Let's both make a sad face for the camera."  Take a picture.  Show it to him.

Say, "Oops, I didn't do a good sad face.  Let me try it again."  Take a picture.  Show it to him.

Say, "Now let's make happy faces."  Take a picture.  Show it to him.

Say, "Let's try again!"  Take a picture, etc.

Say, "You almost did it, let's try again!"

Say, "I know, let's do a happy face with bunny ears!"

Problem solved.

Next week: World Peace in Eight Easy Steps.


  1. Jay, Elyse and I all roared over this!!! It is so cute and sooo true! A picture will work miracles sometimes! I look forward to your piece on "world peace!!"

    Love to each of you!
    We 3

  2. Glad you guys liked it, I'm particularly fond of that sequence.

    Still working on that world peace thing - I'm stuck on step #3.