Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Boys

Elias is still super-cuddly with his mom, but in recent months the physical way that he interacts with me has been changing.  He's not as interested in cuddling with me anymore - he'd rather wrestle, play rough, spar, test himself (and test me).  He put his head on my lap after dinner tonight, and I had Alisa take a picture, thinking this sort of thing won't happen forever.  The sweet little boy days are numbered.

Eric is such a bruiser that it would be easy to pigeonhole him as the jock of the family, the bulldog to Elias' aesthete.  But Eric is also the two-year old who happily sits and looks at books for half an hour at a time.

An obvious misstep, deciding ourselves what they'll be.  So while we try to keep them on a reasonably short leash, and teach them, we also observe what they are.

(But when I'm tired, I just try to keep them on a short leash.)

The end.


  1. Beautiful post, beautiful's a while before that leash will be under strain (as for you, that's another question).

    1. thanks guys... every week I remind myself that we will soon be nostalgic for any childrearing frustrations that we have now.