Monday, August 13, 2012


We're just hunkering down and waiting for the summer, and on medical advice, too.  The last pediatrician to see Elias when he was in the hospital answered, "summer" when I asked him what was going to finally get rid of Elias' never-ending viral infection.

I appreciated the honesty.

Alisa has also been pretty sick.  And so has Eric.  Here's the whole team the day after Elias came home, just watching The Lion King in the back cabin and letting the day pass them by.

Meanwhile, though, other things have been going on in the Galactic universe.

Most notably, my mom came to visit.  Being away from the fam rates as my least favorite part of long-term travel, and it's always great to get an emissary from the Tottering Empire that we left behind.

I think she had a great time.  Even counting the two days she was.... you guessed it, sick in bed.

Her visit coincided with some family events - notably, Elias' 6th birthday.

We rented out the Blackmans Bay community centre and made a party of it.

Not to be outdone, I celebrated my 44th birthday a few days later.  Here's Eric, putting the moves on one of my gifts - a sun hat, ordered specially from the North Island, against the day when we will eventually return to the tropics.

Oh, what a bright, shining day that will be.  For the record, we are not the kind of Alaskans who say the tropics are too "hot" for them.  Not us.

The end.


  1. Your posts are looking into our future here in Fairbanks as the leaves start to change and each week steals another hour of daylight. The warmth of the woodstove and mystery of the aurora will be nice, but the coughing, congestion, fever won't.

    1. yeah, that wasn't a part of our Alaska life, pre-kids, but our friends in Kodiak with kids tell us that the winters are a marathon of low-level crud.

      woodstoves and aurora (and x-country skiing!) sound pretty good, though.

  2. awesome cake, alisa.

    1. by request, of course - she let Elias pick from a cake book.

  3. You guys are amazingly tough cookies. Hang in there. Word from Sydney is that spring is in the air....Hobart next. Letting Elias pick ANY cake from the book? Impressive.

  4. well, I think she says, 'pick any cake' but then hedges if he comes up with something harder than the double rainbow!

  5. Have your littles been tested for whooping cough? It seems to be everywhere this "summer"