Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here We Go

Classic timing - we waited and waited for weather on the trip to New Zealand, and now we might have waited a day longer than absolutely ideal.

But, no matter - we're ready and eager to be at sea and of course, as with the start of all big passages, a bit nervous.

Our time in Australia has been great, and now it is nearly in the past.  We look forward to what our time in New Zealand might bring.

Customs is due to check us out of the country at 9 tomorrow morning, and then we'll be off.  I've added a map to the sidebar of the blog that should have our location updated regularly, so you can follow our progress across the Tasman.

Time to get some sleep.

Peace/out, Mike


  1. Best wishes for a nice smooth crossing of "The Ditch".

  2. Safe passage, fair winds and enjoy NZ. Hope to see you again sometime. Derrick & Pat

  3. Thanks, Derrick and Pat. And thanks again for letting us make your marina pen our home for a year!

    We're just motoring down Storm Bay now. Eric is asleep, Elias and Alisa are playing checkers, and I'm about to organize some waypoints.


  4. Best wishes all for a safe crossing, hope the boy's tummies adjust quickly! Will be following your passage.
    Andrea & David "Leoden" Yamba

  5. Wish i was there with you guys....heres to a smooth crossing!
    Hugs, Zoya