Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sailor's Favorite Thing To Do... to watch the weather forecast, of course!

That's what we're doing - watching the weather and weighing up our chances of getting down to the Auckland Islands without drama. We may have let a prime chance slip by, as it looks like going today would have been ideal. But yachts going down to the Aucklands must satisfy a few quarantine requirements, and we were lulled in by a now-vanished forecast for good conditions later this week, and so didn't push as hard to get everything organized for our departure as we might have.

Besides - after crossing the Southern Tasman with a two-year-old, who feels like pushing anything?

So we're here in Patterson Inlet, biding our time while we enjoy Stewart Island and (mostly) enjoy living our version of enforced familial togetherness.

(I admit that mornings with the family have been very hard for the Captain lately. There's nothing that the Captain likes to do in the morning so much as wake up very gradually over many cups of coffee. There's nothing that our boys like to do in the morning so much as fight over toys and call each other 'idiot'. Whoever said that hell is breakfast with other people might have had our boys in mind.)

We're still delighting in the family-friendly walking tracks of the area, and are slooooowly learning a few things about the area. Today we met a woman who did a fine imitation of bonding kiwis calling on the beach at night, and so learned that the call we heard last night was not a kiwi.

More soon.

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