Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vacation Disassociation

Everyone around the marina in Hobart has a third-hand horror story about awful weather that befell someone on a Tasman Sea crossing.  So when you're dock-bound it's easy to think about what might go wrong - marinas are like that.  But now that the actual event is close at hand (we hope to leave some time next week), the crossing is starting to seem like a more reasonable.proposition.  There have been long windows of good weather lately, and the first boat that we know of to make the crossing this summer left Hobart a day or two ago.  We've been getting the boat well prepared, and we've enlisted Bob McDavitt, the sailors' weather guru in this part of the world, to help us to call the weather.  Aside from the part that entails parenting while being sleep deprived, I'm quite looking forward to the trip.

So the Tasman Sea is in our near future.  But meanwhile we're still up in Queensland, visiting my folks and getting in as much swimming as the leftover surf from cyclone Oswald will allow.

While we're still here it's pretty hard to think of the whole adventure - the remaining boat jobs, and dealing with customs, and troughs and lows and fronts and sea state, and what we'll find when we get to New Zealand.  Time enough for thinking about all that once we get home to the boat.


  1. Hi Mike I am reading your book and although I would not do an adventure like yourself I am enjoying the book and the blog. I wish your family a very safe adventure and crossing of the Tasman. Virginia K

    1. Hi Virginia - Always great to hear from a reader of the book - hope you continue to enjoy it!


  2. Hope to see you in New Zealand in 2013... Really disappointed we didn't visit you in Hobart... :^(

    Be Safe and BIg Hugs,