Saturday, February 9, 2013

Too Swell

Well, that's the problem with paying a weather expert to tell you the right time to leave port - he might also tell you that it's the wrong time.

Our momentum was building for a Sunday departure to New Zealand.  The weather forecast looked good.  We had coordinated with the local Customs office for a weekend checkout.

(Aside:  Three Customs officers came by the boat the other day to say hello - and caught me on the dock, in exam gloves, giving the inside of one of our head pumps its annual clean out.  Sorry I can't shake hands, I said.  But you really don't want to shake my hand right now.

First time I've ever seen folks from Customs look just a little nervous when they were talking to me.)

As I said, we were gathering steam to leave Australia on Sunday.  But then we got Bob McDavitt's advice - don't go now, swell will be too big for a comfortable crossing.

So we're holding off.  It's easy for me to look at the various swell forecasts online and think that things wouldn't be too bad.  But of course we're thinking of the boys, and there's really nothing rushing us, and the reason we're using a weather router for the first-ever time is to get an informed outside opinion on the best time for the crossing, so we're happy to listen to that opinion.

The sea still awaits.  But we're going to wait a little more.

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